La Passione

A destination is never a place, but rather a new way of seeing things" said Henry Miller. The thought of the American novelist marries perfectly the feeling that inhabits the walls of the Altro Mondo of Luca Gaviglio.

A house that he took over a little over five years ago, he has beautifully redesigned. It has crystallized, it has received a new dress, it has been adorned with new colors, as if to better welcome its new soul; here it is nestled in wood and light tones. The whole thing could only be imagined to better receive the light, giving it the finery of a chic and elegant restaurant.

To say that Luca Gaviglio and his team have given this address a new lease on life is a mild understatement. It is a pleasure to find a transalpine restaurant that unleashes all the vivacity of a cuisine full of flavors, adorned with character, and here with finesse and elegance.

Luca's oath is not elsewhere: "What is essential in my eyes… the taste, the product, the balance of flavors to create emotion. But also the values of sharing, welcoming and transmission.
At the table, the scene was set by four appetizers that set the scene right away: Burrata, Anchovies, Olives and Onions and a superb Puntarelle. This was followed by a beautiful Gambero rosso Mazara del Vallo, lardo di Colonnata and lime, smoked Pike Perch, pickled radish, peas and mint before diving into Luca's signature dish: Tagliolini with seasonal truffle. We loved the cheese cooked, or rather interpreted as a melody both sweet and lively, with the Parmesan Vacca Rossa, truffle honey, offered in four textures. A sweet beauty that protects the character of the Parmiggiano, giving it a variation of moods.

The liquid continent of Altro Mondo is the land of Domenico Vitto. A skilled sommelier, this boy only lets his heart speak and delivers only the nobility of the blood of his country's vines. A rare boy, twirling in the room, who first sings the wine, and in the second that follows, to serve it with the infinite delicacy of a goldsmith, the laughing eyes and the accent in addition.