La Passione

"A destination is never a place but rather a new way of seeing things," said Henry Miller. The thought of the American novelist aligns perfectly with the sentiment that permeates the walls of Luca Gaviglio's Altro Mondo.

The house, which he took over just over five years ago and then beautifully redesigned, has now crystallized. It has received a new outfit, adorned with new colors, as if to better welcome its new soul; here it is nestled in wood and light tones. The entire setting seems to have been conceived to better embrace the light, offering it the allure of a chic and elegant restaurant.

It is an understatement to say that Luca Gaviglio and his team have given the most beautiful momentum to this address. How delightful it is to find an Italian table in Wavre, one that uncorks all the vivacity of this cuisine filled with flavors, character, and here, with finesse and elegance.

Luca's pledge is clear: "The essential to me... the taste, the product, the balance of flavors to create emotion. But also the values of sharing, hospitality, and transmission."

At the table today, the feast begins with beautiful appetizers that set the stage right away. It is followed by salsify, Parmesan cream, balsamic vinegar, and truffle, red mullet, cardoncelli and potatoes, risotto, pumpkin, gorgonzola, and walnuts, tagliolini with winter truffle, lamb fillet cooked at low temperature and artichokes, Vacca Rossa Parmesan and honey with truffle, and creamy Bronte pistachios and oranges.

The liquid realm of Altro Mondo is the domain of Domenico Vitto. A distinguished sommelier, this young man only lets his heart speak and delivers the brilliance of the vine's blood from his country. A rare lad, twirling in the hall, who sings the praises of wine first and in the next second, serves it with the infinite delicacy of a goldsmith, with sparkling eyes and the accent adding an extra touch.