The Product as Accomplice François-Xavier Lambory continues to carve his beautiful path, one of extreme determination to bring into his kitchen the noblest offerings of land and sea. Let us salute his merit. He is among those who remain true to their soul. Utilizing the trials of the times to progress towards the better: refining a sea bass here, a private lounge there, adorning the dining room, and recently, recomposing a new kitchen.

Proceeding step by step, touch by touch, he has tastefully migrated his restaurant to a modern setting, offering it a subtle and delicate elegance. On the plate, François-Xavier Lambory's breviary expresses and asserts itself more than ever around a seasonal cuisine celebrated with mastery between tradition and innovation. Always in direct connection with the season and relying on top-tier products, he confirms a clear loyalty and evident connivance with the best providers of high-quality products. His cuisine is a form of upfront truth, a salute to nature, a devotion to Taste. Like with this roasted and then hay-smoked Touraine pigeon, miso; legumes, pigeon coffee jus. Sublime, one of the best we've had the pleasure of tasting in ages. As with this black truffle "tuber melanosporum", soft-boiled egg, leek vinaigrette, parmigiano reggiano "vacche rosse", these roasted Dieppe scallops, butternut, carrot and orange, blood orange, saffron shellfish butter or the Limousin veal from friend Lothar Viltz in Mürringen, as tartare with black truffle tuber melanosporum, Piemonte hazelnuts, sweet onions from the Cévennes, mushrooms. Or still with the roasted Line-caught Sea Bass, Mont-St-Michel bay mussels, buckwheat and spinach, the sweetbread, beautifully roasted noix meunière, parmesan and sage, hazelnut butter, meat jus, the beautiful Bresse chicken, half-mourning sauce, black truffle "tuber melanosporum". The cellar is a perfect complement to the plate. The chef sets the tone by offering a magnificent collection dominated by wines from France, Italy, and Spain.

This boy is a storyteller, of beautiful, fine, and flavorful stories. And we love it.