Arriving in Grand-Hornu, walking towards the Rizom, the restaurant nestled in the heart of the Museum of Contemporary Arts. To take these few steps in an almost closed environment, movements during which it is impossible not to be caught by the industrial memory of the place and by its artistic and modernist imprint. The few meters that separate the walls of the entrance from those of the restaurant, in the heart of the circular building, are like a soft carpet, they offer an inspiring and transporting breath.

The restaurant Rizom does nothing better than to assert these contrasts of time and men, with the beautiful contemporary cuisine of Olivier De Vriendt, who was a disciple of San Degeimbre. Men who rely on a local cuisine, open to the world, well anchored in their roots but above all revealed and executed with products from local markets and in respect of time.

The restaurant room is in direct phase with the spirit of its exterior theater: bricks and concrete, wood and metal, thick, solid, robust, in a beautiful balance. The service is dedicated, attentive, generous and smiling; in line with the benevolent frame of these people who love to give and share. It is so precious.

On the plate, the earth remains the master. It is as if the chef was going to stir the soil with his hands to extract the beautiful essence, whether it is in solid or liquid form. The chef is Olivier De Vriendt, this colossus with agile hands, who went to the school of the Master of Liernu. We find in his dishes this ecstatic philosophy, these pastoral sounds at the same time soft and intense. As a witness to this beautiful day: a Salmon, peas and onions, set with a buttered broth that revealed a beautiful and long acidity. Then there was a Bonnotte de Noirmoutier, kimchi, herbs and eel and then Leeks and foie gras, and this beautiful Duck, green asparagus, radish, Chinese satay, coriander. Here the herbs are not overplayed, they are not pompously decorated - as is too often the case, they exist on the plate, they are tasted in harmony with the whole and keep their true and good sense.

As is often the case, we let ourselves be led by the chef - we like that; letting him adjust the liquid combinations. The combinations in wine, beer and water - macerations without alcohol, proved to be fine, subtle and full of good sense. A revelation to discover.

And to leave saying that while being here, we were elsewhere and that we were well there.