It's been more than 15 years that this beautiful house located in front of the station of Braine-l'Alleud is on the rails. And yet, Jean-Louis Marchal, its chef and head chef, had already traveled quite a bit before putting down his suitcases and knives here with his dear and loving Christelle. Nearly 30 years of career, including nearly 20 years at the famous Ogenblik in Brussels, have forged his character and, above all, sharpened his knives, taste buds and creative desires in the margins of the great mastered classics.

Since then, the experience has allowed him to sharpen every day a little more a cuisine which, despite the long years here, is anything but fixed. And for good reason, it is the markets and the tides that make the slate complete, each day, according to the inspiration of the chef who draws here and there from memories of successful preparations, but also from ideas that spring up daily in contact with other chefs, suppliers never lacking in discoveries and, of course, his charming wife who assures the service in the dining room and who is never short of ideas either.

In this elegant long room organized around a bar from which the carefully selected wines come out, whether it is scallops, meat or fish, the cooking is beautiful, magnified by simple but tasty preparations, without unnecessary or convoluted frills. Because here, the product is respected and put forward. This is undoubtedly one of the chef's credos. Of course, we will refine the whole, according to our tastes, with a pinch of salt and a turn of the pepper mill. Whatever the color. An address resolutely on the rails, without any unfortunate switch or viaduct between two extremes of cuisine. A smooth journey, but each time, a renewed taste of the journey.