Mister Jan and his bistronomy, grace and finesse.
After years of sharing his passion with chefs and professionals, Jan Verhaert had a secret dream of sharing it with his friends and customers, at home. Mr. V was born, only eighteen months ago, from the opportunity to take over this charming little restaurant that could be described as a village bistro. He started to work on it and the result is clear, pleasant and clean, where the codes of bistronomy are in harmony; there is a billot and a bar, here a room furnished with wood and bathed in light. A pleasant setting that allows everyone, comfortably seated, to observe the chef at work in his open kitchen. On sunny days, a terrace at the front or at the back, allows you to enjoy the calm of the neighborhood, far from the breathless rush of the time.
Nothing is by chance. Jan has mastered the art of combining local, regional and/or exceptional products in the sometimes perilous task of satisfying both customers who love real food and those who like to indulge in great classics perfectly prepared with the finesse of a goldsmith. A delicacy that is so much like the man he is.
As soon as the meal begins, you can share a few rillettes, vintage sardines or a plank of exceptional Iberian ham before attacking the starters. This duality is perfectly illustrated today in the choice of appetizers between the fermented red cabbage, ricotta and arugula oil, the crab, carrot pickles and orange blossom mayonnaise and in the dishes of the moment which offer the star to the white asparagus, morels, candied quail eggs and orange espuma, the sweetbreads, morels, asparagus and yellow wine
Grilled meat lovers will be delighted with the chef's perfect use of his 'Green egg' with a dose of smoking ideally distilled on the grilled Txogitxu Matured Rib Eye, Bearnaise sauce and home fries.
As a true wine lover, Jan has surrounded himself with a few good wine suppliers, ranging from classic Bordeaux wines to natural wines with a maximum drinkability index. A recent favorite is Stéphane Ogier's La Rosine, a little gem of Syrah from the Rhone hills.
Needless to say, the sauces and stocks are homemade and the bread comes from a local bakery that would make any chef want to bake his own bread because it is so good.
As for the name, Monsieur V., for the pretty anecdote, it was the one his wife gave him at the time, and that he has kept since.
An incisive, precise, galvanizing address. A favorite.