We had discovered the Maïnoï, almost gone as in the adventure. Our feeling was quickly sealed: absolute love at first sight and guaranteed Thai effect. The address is beautiful and impeccably maintained; an enthusiastic welcome, a smiling professionalism and a high-flying Thai cuisine, all this to seal the promise of a moment of pure joy. You will find nothing else at Maïnoï.

We find here with an absolute pleasure, and with each passage, beautiful souls and a know-how. Tan is a rare man. Curious about his roots and open to ours, his cuisine never stops rising. As an example, his black pudding nem from the Cuvry farm sounds like an absolute fusion, gourmet and fine, powerful and sweet.

Recently, the place has undergone a nice recomposition, the open kitchen has moved to the back of the house. And if it continues to delicately perfume the place, the sober elegance of the decor has been preserved, avoiding the flashy exotic clichés but revealing a pleasant atmosphere, quite simply.

As enthusiastic and gifted enthusiasts, Tan and his family offer a cuisine that goes beyond clichés and the beaten track, bringing back from their travels to the country a number of rare products; like so many nuggets, so many treasures, they invite us to a wonderful journey.

Among the strong moments of the place, there is this wink to the street-food made in Bangkok restored by the means of the cart of noodles which finds its place on Friday midday, beautiful tradition obliges.

We must also underline the mastery of the preparations that seduced us with the magnificent Red Curry Sea Razor, a Neua Yang (a grilled beef fillet with Thai shallot sauce) or the Khung Yang (grilled prawns, crunchy vegetables and seafood sauce). We like it very, very much.