The beautifule promise

In the heart of the glorious city of Ath, in a historic building like the city has many beautiful ones, hides now L'Inattendu, like a new pearl. After a few years spent three meters ahead, across the street, Benjamin Fontaine and Amélie Sakowskis have, for a good year now, crossed over to invest in a beautiful jewel, nestled in a magnificent old building.They have beautifully designed the space and completely revamped the place to offer us a new gem of gastronomy. The majestic wooden door and the beautiful facade reveal nothing of the mood nuances of the room, the setting unveils a waltz of softness and the rocking of well-being.

Benjamin Fontaine, who gained experience at Château du Mylord and is a loyal disciple of Benoît Neusy at L'Impératif, has succeeded in giving a new and beautiful direction to his establishment. His cuisine is refined and generous, without outdated formalities or the dictates of any trend: only pleasure and taste have the right of way.

From the beginning of the meal, the young chef in his thirties dares to take his guest by the hand to stimulate his senses; the bitter, the sweet, the salty, and the sour. Beautifully thought out. During the journey, we were carried away by a clear will, already manifest technique, and completed generosity.

In the end, if L'Inattendu has only crossed the street, we feel we have traveled much further. By tasting all the dishes, living the moment in a joyful atmosphere, and leaving there with a much lighter heart than when we arrived.

More than a promise, the strong will of the young team and their combined talents announce beautiful days to come.