The address shines, it even shines. But discreetly, without making unnecessary waves. Inhabited as it is by the passion that bubbles within its walls. Here, the customer is king and we always go to the essential by pleasing ourselves to please others; this is the infallible framework of Lisa Calcus and Nicolas Campus at Gribaumonts.

The chef, Lisa, a humble and reserved woman, reveals her talent and her character in the expression of her cuisine by offering each day a talent that resembles a feat; she has this noble application of reserved beings when others devote themselves to the gilding of fame, forgetting their essentials. From Lisa's vast gustatory palette, we have retained what no chef should ever forget: the crucial importance of the product. Here it is every day at the center of the table - scallops, gambero, sea bass filet, doe, sweetbreads... - all served by clockwork cooking and an uncommon sense of seasonal vegetables. In his plates, one finds all the ingredients of the life of the beautiful soils and only the taste imposes itself as dominant master, by touching and tasty sendings.

And then there is Nicolas, a great sommelier. From his masterful cellar, he selects the bottles that will punctuate, sublimate and approach the solid flavors by asserting itself as an essential final argument. He is a free man, free of ostentatious labels, and prefers to make wines that are only accountable to the soil that bears them. In line with this assertive and refined spirit, the décor plays the card of a contemporary minimalism without coldness, comfortable between large lampshades and remarkable works of art.

Exactly the kind of address where you have to let yourself be taken by the hand, from wines to desserts, total delight guaranteed.