The place is bewitching. The few steps that separate it from the beautiful stone path of the rue du Docteur Degrave lead through a gallery carved through generous trees, it is the short journey that leads to the monumental theater, like an initiatory journey, before discovering the Old Castle. 

This magnificent 17th century castle reveals itself in two faces; the main body has kept its ancestral soul, majestic, dominant, it reigns over the domain. The left wing has received the addition of a contemporary cube that houses the kitchen and a room bathed in light. Sumptuous. 

This setting is the stage for Tanguy De Turck. Originally a sociology graduate, nothing predestined this wise man to embrace cooking, except for this fierce will to realize his childhood dream, the ultimate lever. Self-taught and passionate, over the years, he has never ceased to make his establishment grow, to provide it with the structures and tools to place it today on the map of the country's fine restaurants.

Tanguy De Turck's signature dishes reveal a contemporary and exciting vision of cuisine. He offers legible plates that underline the permanent quest of the Chef and his brigade to offer in all subtlety a cuisine where perfumes and textures exist only to put the product at the center of the debate.

At a time when the environment is scorned and the way we eat tramples on small farmers, he puts his creativity at the service of proximity by working with first-rate local producers in order to reveal his culinary approach. In his hands, the popular becomes almost noble, and the natural is his salvation. 

When one leaves this magnificent table, one feels a wave of well-being but also a true vision of what a very good restaurant is: with the customer at the center of all the care. The guest is pampered at every moment; by the excellent Maxime Hadji, passionate and exciting sommelier, and by a young team that exists in the service, in a real approach, in a collective led by the luminous smile of Davina Declercq and a precise and attentive brigade. 

Everything we like.