A beautiful family story

The tale of a house, a corner of the street, born and built from lives. The lives of these mothers and their daughters, the lives of fathers and their sons, from generation to generation, pages written by the Bellomo family. Originally a bistro, a central gathering place in the village of Strépy, the original Metro underwent its transformation over time to become a restaurant, taken over a few years ago by Giuseppe and Rita, the children who have brought it to be one of the lovely tables of the region today.

The address deserves applause, as seductive as it is under the leadership of this young passionate couple, and humility here quickly gives way to the beautiful endeavor of wanting to offer taste and quality.

Lately, we have witnessed, experienced, and greeted the rise of both the setting and Rita's cuisine. Rita Canaris, a talented autodidact and a woman of honor, inherited the beautiful legacy of her grandmother's Italian cuisine; from her ancestor, and daily overseen by the precious help of her mother, she has preserved the basics and above all the heart and emotion. Embarking on a culinary journey in a straight line drawn between loyalty to the motherland and her desire to explore her own paths, the young chef gives nothing away when it comes to quality. She delights in taking the diner on clear and sometimes less beaten paths, letting her creativity speak and proposing dishes that brilliantly tell the deep nature of a country by focusing on essential flavors. For example, we can mention the Swordfish in 2 services, seaweed, capers, yuzu, celeriac, the Spaghetti, squid, bread sauce, colatura di alici, and the Duck, fillet and slowly cooked thigh, butternut squash, smoked provola.

The goodness also comes from Giuseppe's bottles, who now crafts his own gin, and from a wine list, with a short and constantly evolving selection, which accurately reflects the diversity of Italian terroirs.

A final tip, don't leave this table without tasting and succumbing to the desserts, such as the 'Pears', Bellomo Gin, almonds, ginger, or the Vergnano Coffee, lemons, hazelnuts, mascarpone.