That moment when the landscape shifts, when the forest opens up.

La Barrière de Transinne is a cardinal place. Of its region, of our Ardennes, of our country. In this clearing, both conquering and dormant, lies a multitude of profound feelings; also a kind of subdued tumult, a unique theater, one that creates legends.
What could be more tranquil and soothing than these long stretches of woods, what could be wilder than this setting. If the telluric dimension is armed with an entire, powerful character, as inhabited as possible; the heart is not made of stone, for if there is a hospitable land, it is indeed here.
The contrast is striking between the temperament of this nature and the deep soul of the grand and beautiful inn that La Barrière de Transinne is today.

Founded in 1856, turning this crossroads piercing the forest into a sublime edge. Initially owned by farmers, it became a family pension in 1900, led for four generations by the Jacquet-Dubois family, the place grew from children to grandchildren to become a renowned address.

Today, Romuald Blyweert and Céline Doumont are at the helm of this beautiful house. Young, passionate, and confirmed professionals, by their will and their experiences in fine Walloon houses, in a setting where the tables breathe, they offer clear gastronomy, in tune with nature and its era: Fresh potatoes, thyme, sorrel, yellow beets, Variation of white asparagus, mousseline, egg yolk confit with dill, Lamb fillet, green asparagus, wild garlic, turnips, Lemon basil tart, Feta crisp, taggiasca olives, Granny Smith apple, Pear poached with cardamom, salted butter caramel, pear sorbet.

Service led masterfully by the excellent Frédéric Dorchimont, an alert maître d'hôtel, of great class and noble lineage. The man knows how to play both the erudite tightrope walker and return to his basics to narrate the beautiful nature of the place. It is rare, and precious.

A beautiful house to discover, taste, and stay. And to immerse oneself in its seasons: sometimes made of fresh mists, invigorating frosts, gentle warmth, or soft heats. And let life flow.