In Italy, the family touches the sacred. The Bruno family is no exception to this rule. Better yet, they manage to translate this virtue to their table, every day, with every service.

With the Senzanome anchored at the top of our country's gastronomy, Nadia and Giovanni Bruno have been flying the flag for a long time. With their starred restaurant well established in the Sablon, they wanted to offer a little more fantasy and just as much Italy by opening the Fico, which means fig in Italian. At her brother's side for so many years, Nadia also wanted to make a path of her own and this path naturally led her to the roots of Italian culture with her osteria.

An osteria better than a simple annex, to return to the soul of these typical Italian sharing tables where Nadia Bruno reinterprets and treats old classics of the Sicilian cuisine of her mother Graziella.

There is that little extra something at Fico, that extra soul. Maybe it's the kind of tender benevolence that Nadia Bruno offers to each of us, her guests? She takes us by the hand and leads us to tasty and inspired dishes written by the excellent Arthur Sabbe, dishes that have allure, feeling and depth: Fried octopus, salad and lemon cream (which quickly became an absolute hit), Trofie with squid, Carciofi alla giudia, Orechiette salsicia, cime di rape, Fettucine fresh black truffle or Mousse of Modica chocolate, Piedmont hazelnuts, salted caramel.

The wines also smile well. The wine journey in the boot looks good and participates better than well in the beautiful soul of the house.

This culinary sincerity is also wonderfully reflected in a designer interior where the Bruno's refined touch is felt. The wood, the ceramics, the subtle touches of decoration, the soft colors and the contemporary furniture invite you to a perfect moment.

And it is this harmony that makes us like a table, that we like this table.