Often, brasserie cuisine is treated as a sub-genre. In our opinion, it is a mistake to treat this class of cuisine with an overhand glance. We like a brasserie to treat us every day, against all odds. 

There is something infinitely reassuring about a brasserie, a restaurant open seven days a week, it's like a lighthouse that casts its light on the ocean, a firm ground when everything is rocking. This is particularly true of the Brasserie de la Patinoire, which is the capital's brasserie par excellence. A pleasure that is confirmed and renewed, whether it be by the grace of a Sunday evening with the family, a feastful lunch with friends on the terrace overlooking the Bois de la Cambre or in a more intimate way, at one of the pretty tables in the corner.

Secondly, it is the quality of the cuisine that makes the place a must-see address.

It is wrong to think that brasserie rhymes with formatted plates. The preparations of the Brasserie de la Patinoire bear the mark of a chef, a real cook.

Chef Adrien Schurgers was "born" a chef. Early on, his path was marked out. More than a profession, it is a passion: Hotel School of Namur, training at Bruneau***, then at the Côte Saint-Jacques in Joigny** (France) or at the Maison du Bœuf* in Brussels. 

As a perfect partner, Frédéric Eberhart leads the room and both have an intimate knowledge of this type of establishment.

How else can we explain their mastery of very simple compositions: "homemade" shrimp croquettes, "Cervelle de veau meunière", red tuna and avocado tartar, yuzu and mango jelly to whet the appetite. Thick cutlets with shallots, minced beef tartar or Irish entrecote for meaty pleasures; breaded cod with fried breadcrumbs, tartar sauce, fine Sole Meunière, Turbot meunière, pan-fried vegetables and apple croquettes for the tide. Veal kidneys à la dijonnaise, Vol-au-Vent of Poularde, Roasted half-chicken, compote, French fries, salad for the grandma's dishes. And of course the suggestions of a bench of scalloped fish governed by an expert, unanimously recognized among the best in the business.

An address not to be missed, a quality cuisine, bathed in the gentle hubbub of customers as music, the music of people who live.