Inviting nature to the table

Nestled, almost hidden, between a tranquil Ourthe river and the rolling Condroz region, Sophie and Nicolas' restaurant discreetly and humbly offers a glimpse of what the Ardennes of tomorrow can be. It's a vision of a region that is beautiful and preserved, no longer refusing to look towards the future but rather choosing to draw nourishment from the past instead of dwelling on it. Once seated in one of the rooms of this restaurant, which has been renovated to its very core, there's an undeniable desire to sit down and take the time to savor the innovative cuisine of Nicolas Septon.

Nicolas had the brilliant idea not to limit himself to so-called noble products but to live with the treasures he has right before his eyes. He merely needs to look at the nature and the soil nearby, bend down to pick them up, and bring nature back home. Based on these wonderful connections, he offers a cuisine of modernity, sincerity, and honesty. It's a kind of rustic cuisine, brimming with vibrancy, genuinely locavore (all the products are sourced within a small radius around the restaurant), and profoundly personal. Because in all of these dishes, there is a dignified energy, a subtle sweetness, and a poetic charm that distracts us from pretentious plates that only feed certain egos. As a profound connoisseur of the herbs and vegetables of the region, Nicolas Septon presents exquisite creations that challenge conventions without ever seeking to offend.

Sommelier and restaurant manager Sophie, radiant, offers a subtle blend of academic knowledge of the trade and a more warmly modern attitude. Here, there is no search for worn-out concepts, but rather a true identity that shines through in every gesture. There's a very pleasant evolution of the drink menu towards bottles with a more pronounced character. Sophie's choice of pairings is growing in confidence, and instead of holding back, the wines take us on an even greater journey.

When you come to Sophie and Nicolas, take the time to look around, feel the nature, and consider the extraordinary ability these people have to receive and serve it.

And then, surrender to them; you are in good hands with beautiful souls.