Nestled between a furrowed Ourthe and a hilly Condroz, the Sophie and Nicolas restaurant discreetly offers a vision of the Ardennes of tomorrow. A beautiful, preserved region that no longer refuses to project itself into the future, but rather to be nourished by the past rather than to dwell on it. Settled in one of the rooms of this restaurant, renovated down to its very core, we could not but have the supreme desire to take the time to experience the innovative cuisine of Nicolas Septon. A deep connoisseur of the region's herbs and vegetables, he has delivered exquisite preparations that shake up the codes without ever trying to offend. The pre-dessert of Carrots and elderflower received this spring evening is such a beautiful example: a caress of the palate, a sensation of richness that turns into aromatic freshness in the final note; pure happiness. 

Sommelier and chef de salle, Sophie offers a subtle mix between academic knowledge of the trade and a more modern attitude. Here, there is no search for a hackneyed concept but a real identity that shines through in every gesture. We note a very pleasant evolution of the liquid menu towards bottles with a more assertive profile. Sophie's choice of pairings is more confident, and rather than being easy on us, the wines take us on a journey. 

The Ourthe, so peaceful, and Sophie and Nicolas' daily partner, showed its slow, heavy and inescapable strength during the disastrous floods of last July. But Sophie and Nicolas, while they had just renovated their restaurant, were also able to show us a powerful, patient and indestructible strength of character. They didn't fix their restaurant, but they rebuilt it in their image: humble, modern and more than ever anchored in their world. They stripped the centuries-old walls bare, dusted them off, then renovated them in an authentic and luminous modernity that does not deny its roots... A bit like the Walloon cuisine offered by the couple. When you come to Sophie and Nicolas' home, take the time to look around you, to think of the extraordinary ability of people of conviction to rise up. 

And then abandon yourself to them, you are in good hands and beautiful souls.