Giovanni Bruno, the absolute devotion to great Italian cuisine.

Chance is never anything other than material for beautiful encounters. The day Giovanni Bruno set his eyes on the charming Petit Sablon square, he saw a complicit universe, a fertile theater. The happy steps he took towards this house, we take today, towards him.

Entering Senzanome is living the beautiful season, all the beautiful seasons, all those of Italy. It is receiving the colors of this country, perceiving its scents. Its sun is there. It is walking on this land, it is accepting the beautiful abyss of a universe, the sky of a country, the soul of a land. It is falling. It is being there, at his home, it is being at Giovanni's.

His Italy has never been a demonstration, it has always taken us by the hand. Much better than opposing, it never ceases to receive us as neighbors, to invite us to share, with big, wide open hands. From his kitchen, this man manages to translate energy and insolence, finesse and talent, precision and love. And time. Because Italian cuisine, which everyone agrees is sublime, is often trampled, we expect from a "good Italian" that he makes carbonara - preferably with cream, egg yolk, and parmesan - and tiramisu. So Italian cuisine has become a kind of frozen cuisine. Worse still, because it operates on quality products, feeling, and sensitivity, Italian gastronomy is often trampled, because it requires infinite patience to master it.

He lives, knows, and seizes the ingredients that make Italy. By infusing them with a rare creativity, he unfolds a cuisine full of precision. An example of who he is, of what he does? This "simple" pasta dish that pierces the heart of its master's hand: spaghetti with three tomatoes and pecorino. A perfect blend of simplicity and technique, exceptional products and sensitivity, revealing a work that offers nothing but love. After a few bites, it is more than tempting to want to summon superlatives. For many reasons, they deserve it: for the pleasure they offer at the moment or, even better, for the repetition over the years, for these beautiful notes that the Maestro offers us, saluting Leonardo Da Vinci's words with his hand, author of « La semplicità è l'ultima sofisticazione ». By letting this preparation melt on the tongue, it is not surprising that Senzanome appears every year in the best Italian tables in the world.

Grande Giovanni.