The absolute devotion to Italian cuisine.

Nothing is easier than wanting to start cooking Italian food, nothing more complicated than succeeding. Italian cuisine, which everyone agrees is sublime, is a real trap. It is often locked in a straitjacket, folklorized with a big ladle. The general public expects a "good Italian" to make carbonara - if possible with cream, egg yolk and parmesan - and tiramisu. As a result, transalpine cuisine has become a kind of frozen comfort food. Worse, because it is based on quality products, feelings and sensibility, Italian gastronomy is often trampled on, as it requires infinite patience to master. This situation is made worse by the fact that it cannot be transmitted. The cooking is determined to the second and for that you have to have it in your DNA... " If you don't have a grandmother or an aunt, you don't need to, you can make good Italian food but not the emotion that is the heart of this cuisine. Good addresses are rare...", Fulvio Pierangelini confided to us on this subject.

Fortunately, Brussels can boast such an address which, for more than 25 years, has never ceased to grow in power: Senzanome. Once located near the Halles de Schaerbeek, this beautiful family story was born there, and its children Nadia and Giovanni Bruno have taken over. The beautiful story continues for a few years in the Sablon, in a historical building refurbished with finesse and elegance, while bringing together in its walls the delicate contemporary Italian design. 

Led by Giovanni Bruno, this restaurant proves that simplicity in the kitchen is not a means but an end - one that stirs the hunger. 

Giovanni Bruno is an artist, a maestro. He takes the ingredients that make up Italy and infuses them with a rare creativity; he creates a cuisine that is all about precision. An example among others? We remember an unforgettable starter that crosses the ages with the hand of his master: an emulsion of burrata with tomato sorbet and olive oil infused with basil. A perfect blend of simplicity and technique, exceptional products and sensitivity, and a work that almost offers love. It's no wonder that Senzanome, in addition to the awards in the guidebooks, has been named the best Italian restaurant in Europe (outside Italy) for 2011 and 2012, and appears every year in the best Italian restaurants in the world.