Arriving in Yvoir is already stepping into a history. And Mona Lisa, to write a new and beautiful page. Once inside, the setting is in keeping with the deep soul of the village: clean and clear, like a masterful large-format photograph. It's always reassuring to know you're in a den of good taste, whatever form it may take. At Mona Lisa, there is first the presence of this beautiful delicate contemporary furniture, these walls imbued with the warmth of wood, these lights falling from the walls - as if to designate the guest, or to illuminate him with good ideas. The entirety of this atmosphere contributes to creating an intimate and soothing atmosphere.

But it is for a very good reason that one must come to Mona Lisa and push open the door: to eat very well. Signed by a young chef, the plate is both tender and generous, both sharp and rich. True to its Italian spirit, it delights in family, it enchants in refinement as well, elevating care and taste to absolute rules.

Emanuele Indorato, a child of Adrano, a town in the heart of Sicily, is the creator of these beautiful, careful, and precise plates, master of the fine product; the young chef ensures with precision and passion to offer flavorful flights, such as this Spirit of a Tonnato wild boar, in tartare, tuna emulsion, parsley oil, this Red Mullet, stuffed in Mediterranean style, cavalo nero cabbage velouté, sweet and sour vegetables, these Tortellini Emiliani, Wagyu, porcini broth like a shabu shabu and this Belgian venison fillet, salsify, mashed potatoes, Chianti sauce, and champagne vinegar. And to close the Signature dessert, Savoiardi biscuit, chocolate, burnt coffee ice cream, or the Fior di fragola, Wépion strawberries, banana foam, homemade strawberry ice cream.

One feels taken hostage for a journey to Italy, embarked on a beautiful trip through the boot, between pronounced flavors, between power and finesse, between indulgence and delicacy.

In the dining room, Rosa, with all her discretion, colors her chef-husband's gourmet eloquence and sings, in Italian, about the dishes and wines.

If Italy is a land of magnificent contrasts, Mona Lisa is one of its faithful and magnificent ambassadors.