There is a joyful energy in the smile, in the stride, and, most importantly, in the kitchen of Borg Da Silva. The man's activity and dynamism have aligned and transcended to awaken Beauraing and put the border town back on the map of Walloon gastronomy. With a brave heart, the man never ceases to evolve his restaurant and consistently crafts plates, certainly very pretty, but above all sincere and firmly anchored to the essence: taste.

His restaurant abCd is anchored in one of the lively arteries of the city, the place reveals a bright and spacious setting, exuding a soothing sobriety; one feels that Charlotte Pypops and Borg Da Silva's approach always looks towards the better, not only on the plate but also in the enjoyment they aim to bring to their home. Whether it's in the decoration of the place, the tableware, the glassware, or in the wine list that they constantly elevate, Borg Da Silva asserts his quest for improvement, the concern for the good, and this obstinacy to move towards a form of purity; this quest for fulfillment is their path, it is written.

Chef Da Silva's repertoire doesn’t waver, it's the market and the season that set the pace. In this cuisine, there is harmony between the beautiful product, its precise cooking, meticulous seasoning, and the chef's desire to add a touch of creativity that serves only to elevate the whole.

Like today with the Beef Tataki, sushi rice, vegetables with Japanese flavors and sesame, the Warm marinated salmon, herb crust, green asparagus, confit garlic, and Granny Smith apple, the Confit pike-perch, fennel, celery, citrus fruits, homemade spinach spaghetti, the Low-temperature poultry, thigh in croquette, carrots, Swiss chard, onions, truffle puree, chorizo oil, and the Mandarin mousse, hibiscus, Basque biscuit, and mandarin sorbet.

Borg Da Silva operates solely for the satisfaction of his guests and goes to great lengths to spread smiles on their faces. With his straightforward, readable, and delightful plates, the man keeps his beautiful promise.