Racines, true to its promise.

At their age, one often stumbles, eyes fixed on the tips of their shoes. Or, filled with pride, one thinks they know everything, the confidence of youth. One can also rely on talent and well-established expertise. This is the case with Maxime and Louise at Racines.

We discovered the place in its very early days, immediately captivated by the hand and towards taste, we returned to experience it several times for as many traversed menus. More out of desire than to find any validation, it is the renewed pleasure that confirms that the target is more than reached; we hit the bull's eye on all levels, and it is necessary to go far back in our memory to find such a degree of balance and accuracy for such a young establishment.

The setting has evolved, adapting to the success of the establishment. Still in three moods: the elegant salon has joined the cellar, the dining room in the veranda, always bathed in light, has seen the addition of a second dining space.

The original model of Maxime Sanzot and Louise Zordanello is like nature: it grows, refines, it rises. It has in no way been altered by awards and success; it remains adorned in the humility of a philosophy that they outline as: "a daily choice to be part of a sustainable, local, environmentally friendly approach, taking into account seasonality and the men and women who give back to nature what it offers best. With only one goal: to provide emotions and, above all, the feeling of fulfillment, knowing that we work for our immediate happiness, but also for that of tomorrow."

Maxime now plays both roles excellently: between the kitchen and the fine bottles, offering his talents through the plates as well as the glasses. With the complicity of Marion Gretz in the kitchen, the young couple offers refined compositions resting on clear associations, based on noble ingredients that work towards a single destination: the revelation of taste. This ambitious, deliberately environmentally friendly - emphasize the mental - cuisine is wonderfully framed, on the one hand, by Louise's precise and gentle service, and on the other hand, by Maxime's always superb wine flights, a young sommelier prodigy, whose choices not only accompany the plates but reveal them even better.

An essential address in our eyes.