Roots, true to their promise, better than ever.

At their age, many often stammer, eyes fixed on their shoes. Or, filled with pride, they think they know everything, with the confidence of youth. One can also rely on talent and expert competence that is already well-established. This is the case for Maxime and Louise at Racines.

We discovered the place in its very early days, immediately taken by the hand and led to the taste. And we have returned several times to experience different menus. More out of desire than seeking any validation; because it is indeed the renewed pleasure that assures us the target is more than hit. Last visit, yesterday, everything was spot on and we have to delve far back into our memory to find such a level of balance and precision for such a young establishment.

The original model of Maxime Sanzot and Louise Zordanello is like nature: it grows, refines, and rises. It has not been altered by awards and success; it remains adorned with the humility of a philosophy they describe as: "a daily choice to engage in a sustainable, local approach, respectful of the environment, the seasons, and the people who give back to nature what it offers best. With a single goal: to evoke emotions and especially the feeling of fulfillment knowing that we are working for our immediate happiness, but also for that of tomorrow."

Maxime now expertly wears two hats: between the kitchen and the fine bottles, offering his talents through both the plates and the glasses. With the collaboration of Marion Gretz in the kitchen, the young couple offers refined compositions based on clear combinations, using noble ingredients that work towards a single destination: the revelation of taste.

This ambitious, deliberately environmental cuisine – underline the mental aspect – is wonderfully complemented on the one hand by the precise and gentle service of Louise and on the other hand by Maxime's always superb wine selections, a young prodigy sommelier, whose choices do more than accompany the dishes: they reveal them.

An essential address in our eyes.