There are women who are humble and generous. We all know them. Instead of seeking attention, they do better, they create sensations.

That’s what I love about Céline: no surprises, just the taste of freedom. And the taste... of taste. Even if all the lights in Mons went out, this flame would always live on. This is the image I want to imagine of Céline and her table. That of this lovely house, in the heart of Mons, three meters from the Grand-Place. If the space is small, it houses a big heart, that of Céline Moustier. Unique, the kitchen, usually hidden behind the scenes, is displayed here up front, almost merging with the cobblestones of the street.

The establishment hosts several lovely atmospheres. The kitchen in the first room, then the dining room; bathed in light woods, with clear light, and topped with a majestic chandelier. Further on, the small terrace, one of the prettiest urban hideaways in our eyes. Céline has managed to keep and protect the spirit of the past, without betraying its memory, by bringing her own tastes and her beautiful soul to the place. The chemistry still works.

In the kitchen, now at the stove, Jean-Philippe Watteyne delivers neat and flavorful dishes, in a chic bistro style. His offerings are both refined and delicious, inspired by the seasons, the freshness of the products, and he sees the terroir as an essential playmate.

For example, we can mention the Artichoke Croquettes, seared foie gras from the Sauvenière farm, tangy vinaigrette, rocket coulis, lemon gel, ‘Like a croque-monsieur’, seared sweetbreads, condiments, their version of vitello tonnato, red tuna rolls, veal tartare, tuna mayo, mizuna, Red Onion Tatin, rosemary and pickles to start the table. The Catch of the Day, shellfish jus, cockles, mashed potatoes, and young fennel, the Honey-glazed yellow chicken supreme from the edge of Havré, risotto croquette with soy sauce, beans and glazing jus, the Giant artichoke stuffed with coral lentils and vegetables, cold and hot emulsions, the Summer beef and carrots, just-seared Holstein sirloin, carbonade sauce, colorful and textured carrots. And the aged Belgian cheese platter, the Mojito 2.0: lime marshmallow, Muscovado, mint sorbet, agricultural rum, the Tomato, burratina, local strawberries, Eau de Villée or the Chocolate fondant from Cocoa (Péruwelz), raspberries to finish off.

The same beautiful vein is found on the drinks menu: smart crus, grand bottles, carefully chosen beers, and fine bubbles harmonize beautifully with the dishes. The whole is now balanced in the dining room by Céline herself.

No drum rolls here, no unnecessary showiness, just a beautiful place of its time, in a delicate setting, tinted with a shy and sincere humanity.