There are women like this, humble and generous. We all know them. Far from seeking to make a sensation, they do better, they create them.

That's what I like about Céline: no surprises, just the taste of freedom. And the taste... of taste. If all the lights in Mons were to be extinguished, this flame would still live on. That's the image I want to imagine of Céline and her table. That of this lovely house, in the heart of Mons, three meters from the Grand-Place. If the space is small, it harbors a big heart, that of Céline Moustier. Unique, the kitchen, usually hidden behind the scenes, is displayed here on the front, falling and almost embracing the cobblestones of the street.

The establishment houses several beautiful atmospheres. The kitchen in the first room, then the dining room; bathed in light woods, with clear light, and crowned with a majestic chandelier. Further on, the small terrace, one of the most beautiful urban hideouts in our eyes. From the place, Céline has managed to keep and protect the spirit of before, without betraying its memory, by bringing her own tastes and beautiful soul to it. The alchemy still works.

In the kitchen, in front of her stoves, Céline works from the heart, with sincerity, and signs clean plates brimming with taste, in a chic bistro version. Her proposals are both meticulous and indulgent, finding inspiration in the seasons, the freshness of the products, and seeing in the terroir an essential playmate.

For instance, we would mention the Smoked Haddock Croquettes, tangy cream, herring eggs, Roasted Scallops, pumpkin, hazelnuts, Roasted Langoustines, melting fennel, light cognac bisque to start the feast. The Civet Cannelloni, celeriac, butternut, the Red Gurnard roasted on the skin, melting chicory, rich meat juice, the Stuffed Squid, chorizo, spicy tomato sauce, and From veal from head to tail: Fillet, tongue, blanquette, sweetbreads, sand carrots, leek to linger. And a tray of refined Belgian cheeses of great nobility and the Macaron filled with speculoos mousse, citrus, chartreuse, or the Pagnon, coffee mousse, chicory ice cream to conclude.

The same beautiful vein is found in the liquid menu: clever wines, big bottles, chosen beers, and beautiful bubbles play in beautiful harmony with the plate.

No drum rolls here, no unnecessary show, just a beautiful address of its time, in a delicate setting, tinged with a shy and sincere humanity.

All places have a history, some stories have different writings, indelible marks. Life after life.