All the lights of the city turned off, a glow would still live.

This is the image I want to imagine.

That of this pretty house, in the heart of Mons, three meters from the famous Grand-Place. If the space is tenuous, it shelters a big heart, that of Céline Moustier. Unique, the kitchen, usually hidden behind the scenes, is displayed here in front, falling and almost marrying the paving stones of the street.

The establishment houses several beautiful atmospheres. The kitchen is the first room, followed by the dining room, bathed in light wood, a clear light, and topped by a majestic chandelier. Further on, the small terrace, one of the prettiest urban hideouts in our eyes. Celine has kept and protected the spirit of the place, without betraying its memory, by bringing her own taste and soul. The alchemy still works.

In the kitchen, in front of her stoves, Céline works from the heart, from sincerity and signs plates that are clean and full of taste, a chic bistro version. Her proposals are both meticulous and gourmet, finding her inspiration in the seasons, the freshness of the products and seeing in the soil an essential accomplice of game.

For example, we can mention the thinly sliced beef tongue, mustard sauce, salad, mackerel escavèche, crunchy vegetables, plaice filet goujonnettes, gribiche sauce, duck breast, Burla cherries, acidulated juice, farm chicken and lobster vol-au-vent or octopus tentacles, first tomatoes from the greenhouse, caper vinaigrette. The same beautiful vein can be found on the liquid menu: clever vintages, large bottles, selected beers and beautiful bubbles play in connivance with the plate.

No drum rolls here, no useless show-offs, just a beautiful address of its time, in a delicate setting, tinged with a shy and sincere humanity.

Every place has a story, some stories have different, deep writings, marks that do not fade, indelible. Life after life.