It's always exciting to discover a restaurant. To grasp its cuisine, perceive its approach, capture its essence, and ultimately rejoice in both the good moment spent and all those to come.

It's been a little over four years now since Julian Vanhaelter and Maelisse Rossetti invested in this beautiful corner house in the Jumet neighborhood, right in front of the tram terminal. This house, formerly dedicated to transalpine cuisine, they have transformed into a beautiful space, with a discerning taste, and it's a beautiful modernity that now welcomes a clientele known for its loyalty.

The place is understated, bright, tastefully decorated. Here the bar and cellar and the main dining room, lined with wood, booths, and seats. There, the bright and welcoming veranda, which opens onto a beautiful terrace when the weather is nice. It's comfortable, it's spacious.

On the menu of the moment, we spotted the Crispy langoustine tails, quinoa and crunchy vegetables, emulsified bisque, the Pigeon fillet, sweetbreads, girolles, the Angus beef Tartare, waffle potatoes, marrow, the Colorful tomato Tataki with ponzu.

The menu of matured meats changes with the arrivals, and at the moment, let's make a choice between the "Scottish" beef fillet and the "Sélection Metzger" ribeye.

Seafood lovers will find happiness with the Monkfish medallion, risotto, bouillabaisse juice, crunchy vegetables, siphon aioli and the Seared sole fillet, crispy lobster nem with coriander, mashed potatoes, white butter.

Le Sel et Poivre is already one of the addresses to frequent. To discover and to stay in close contact with the cuisine of Julian Vanhaelter, a young man who only offers delicious, generous plates, acting in the moment and going to the only destination that speaks to us: taste.


Restaurant Sel et Poivre Salle