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The era cherishes landmarks, it seeks, it strives to reassure itself. While remaining playful and adventurous, it looks better than ever towards those who pave the way. And art will be one of our endless graces. In terms of culinary art, Le Coq aux Champs inevitably asserts itself as a major destination to grasp the best and greatest of Walloon gastronomy.

Perched on the Condroz hills, between Huy and Marche, this magnificent table invites its guests into a refuge turned towards nature, far from urban tumult, in direct contact with an inhabited peace. Christophe and Catherine Pauly's restaurant, like the fields and trees of the landscape, offers the brilliance of wooded simplicity and bestows refined, accessible, and silky comfort.

Christophe Pauly's cuisine is undoubtedly rooted in French fundamentals; he who once worked in the brigade of the immense Maison Troisgros now operates with a modernity and local rusticity as ultimate signatures. Driven by meticulous cooking techniques, graphic plating, punctuated by studied sauces and juices, as only great chefs can present, everything here is brought together to offer culinary sensations of the highest level. Such as with this magnificent Langoustine from Guilvinec prepared in two ways, one of his favorite products: Signature, cucumber, caviar, smoked eel, oscietra caviar, and Roasted, celery, hazelnuts, truffle butter. The Chef reveals in this dish all the finesse of this product, leaving a lasting impression. Christophe Pauly's technique shines just as brightly with the lightly warmed Dieppe scallops, Zeeland oysters, frothy lime butter, the daily fish selection from the 'North Sea', shellfish, roasted nuts, yellow wine, or the crispy sweetbread, onion tart, and preserved tomatoes, béarnaise sauce.

The wine list is also focused on France, the modern France that we love. With a team increasingly affirmed in its service mission, the wine cellar also becomes increasingly pleasant, and the discerning connoisseur will certainly take pleasure in perusing a wine list that offers beautiful opportunities for vinous adventures.

In his sanctuary for nearly twenty years, with almost as many stars, Christophe Pauly offers each season the recipe for a gastronomic rejuvenation, his cuisine remaining timelessly modern and revealing with each service a menu that reflects a certain state of the world: the land on one side, the sea on the other... without ever betraying either part. The Chef, the Man Pauly, is one of the infinitely rare ones who delve into souls, read intentions, guess the backgrounds of our sensitivities. Better yet, reveal them. A place like this, one can attempt to describe it, but experiencing it is so much better. Essential even.