Arriving at Dave, on the other bank of the Meuse, and settling on the lovely square hiding number 54. The mood is immediately different, softened, inviting a form of peace, as the joy sets in and the certainty of experiencing a truly good time overtakes us.

It's here, and it's this feeling that Jonathan Collignon promises.

The young chef carves his own path and continues, under the benevolent guidance of his parents, his beautiful momentum in this charming family house. Having first passed through the Vivier d'Oies in Dorinne, it was during a stint in Christophe Pauly's team at Le Coq aux Champs that he definitively acquired his passion. Self-taught, creative, eager to promote local artisans, he offers a seasonally refreshed menu. His cuisine, refined and flavorful, gets to the essence, and his progress asserts itself more and more as he constantly seeks out the finest products.

From this locally rich Walloon terroir, Jonathan Collignon extracts the finest fruits to give them a particular relief, made of respect and masterful inventiveness, offering his gourmet customers a magnificent price-pleasure ratio. Assisted by the passionate Alexandre van Lippevelde (himself), Jonathan Collignon, curious and erudite, never stops working on his pairings with one goal: to reveal the product that beautiful nature offers him.

Through the splendid and recent restoration of the dining room, the setting also allows for precise and friendly service, now led by Antonin Dispas.

This beautiful chemistry now establishes Jonathan Collignon among the emerging young talents of Namur and his house among those that matter in the Namur gastronomic landscape.