The beautiful star of Manon
The story of La Table de Manon began in the center of Durbuy, and it's only a stone's throw from the smallest town in the world, on the heights of Grandhan, that the work of Manon Schenck and David Delmas is written today.
Born in Alsace, in the Munster valley, the chef is steeped in her native region. After winning the regional title of best apprentice in France, Manon discovered Brittany and its marine treasures. It's an understatement to say that her cuisine travels between the regions she visited and those where she lives today.
The land where Manon Schenck exercises her talent has no coastline, beaches or reefs. And yet, this young woman knows better than anyone how to combine the call of the sea with her Alsatian roots and her adopted country, the beautiful region of Famenne-Ardennes.
Today, far from the infinite possibilities of her native land and the Breton coast, she has turned to another free and nomadic element, settling on an air-worn hilltop. The wind that blows from here is certainly inventive, but above all it reveals a luminous cuisine, easy to understand and full of flavor. This courageous simplicity is exactly the hallmark of this young woman.
David Delmas, a native of the region, is the attentive and precise master of ceremonies, and it is with an expert hand that he unleashes Manon's creations.
What's on the plate? A true generosity of produce, a mastery of textures, colors and flavors. The proof is in the beautiful harmony between sea and land, honored by perfect preparation, echoes and presentations that underline - almost with a wink - her French roots.
We're dealing with a top-notch chef, now honored with a fine star.