The love for Italy is just around the corner.

Sometimes you have to dare to be selfish and wish that nothing would change, to want time to stop just to satisfy you. This is the feeling I get every time I visit Frasca. 

The address has been taken over by the two Italians at heart, Eric Lecuyer and Sébastien Samoye, and to stop there is like learning to smile again. The place juggles skilfully between identities; at the same time a fresh pasta workshop, a restaurant, a wine cellar and a delicatessen, it combines authenticity, conviviality and passion under Karima´s smile to give rhythm to the whole.

Well known in Liege with his mythical Trattoria Maccheroni, Eric Lecuyer does not compromise on the taste and quality of the products he chooses. The grace of his cooking lies in the accuracy of his dishes, but his real pride lies in the local products that he does much more than source. His cooking is spontaneous, reinvented every day according to the laws of nature, and made in a home-made spirit that reveals marked flavors, as if engraved in the soul. 

And then there is the wine. Before being a profession, it is a passion that we will talk about, a passion that made Eric and Sébastien meet and that sealed the friendship between the two men. Wine is at the center of the table at Frasca. In a beautiful and long menu, they let express virtuosity and talent to unearth pearls of wine definitely nature by leaving the beaten tracks and rehashed by others. This, through very good authors as the Alea Viva 2018 of Andrea Occhipinti (red wine extraordinarily aromatic and delicate), the Ortaccio Confuso (wine refermented in the bottle by ancestral method from Procanico, Verdello and Sangiovese grapes) or The Fole 2019 (pretty red from Campania).

More than just purveyors, Sebastien Samoye and Eric Lecuyer also vinify their own Proceno and Soriano grapes and the Frasca cellar now refers to Sebastien´s delicate Bianco Flamingo di Lago ´Belga Sbagliato´ and Eric and Karima´s Vendemmia, a beautiful juice made from malvasia, rebbiano and moscato. 

Between the simple and the real, the path is much longer than one would imagine. Some quibble, others try. And then, there are those who gently take by the hand and lead the way.