Under the gilding, the taste of Italy

It was in the summer of 2014 that 'Emily' came into existence. After experiencing an entirely Italian birth under the name of Emily Ristorante, it flourished for a few years under the skillful direction of Mathieu Jacri. Today, it returns to its first loves and rediscovers its initial path and its Transalpine roots, so dear to Emily Degand and her family.

Once the place is invested and the urban effervescence left outside, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the grandeur of the decor, an ultimate refinement: dark wood, marble bar, ceiling of golden leaves, the magic of the first days remains intact.

On the ground floor, the kitchen occupies the length and opens onto the bar, allowing every move of the brigade to be visible to the host. In the corner at the back, a table, a private space, becomes more intimate. Upstairs, the breathtaking view of the five-meter high Venetian chandelier that majestically pierces the mezzanine is shared at each table, in a secluded setting. In this boudoir imbued with the taste of dolce vita, one can catch a glimpse of chef Luca Gaviglio and his brigade at work in a space where inches count more than meters, where every movement is worthy of a meticulously orchestrated ballet.

Luca Gaviglio is no stranger, once a brilliant sous chef of a starred Italian table in Brussels, he then beautifully redesigned his 'Altro Mondo' in Wavre, before succumbing to the attentions of Pierre Degand and coming to sign the cuisine of the Emily Restaurant. As a taste craftsman, he offers a true culinary journey between his two countries with sensitivity, cultivating his difference, surprising us by leading us to explore uncharted currents. In a concise menu, pleasure is experienced today with a tartare of red prawns, marsh beans, burrata, tagliolini with winter black truffle, pasta with lemon caviar, turbot, white asparagus, lemon almond sauce, a roasted lamb saddle in Parmesan crust, grilled zucchini, candied tomatoes, and a yogurt parfait, strawberries, mint to conclude the excellent moment.

The service in the dining room also operates with meticulous precision. Under the relaxed rigor of Abdon Chobli, a complicit relay in perfect harmony with the lively and smiling cuisine of Luca Gaviglio.