Taken over by the Japanese community of Brussels as soon as it opened, and then by us Belgians in search of delicacies, this Japanese address succeeds in the incredible challenge of bringing together all lovers of Japanese gastronomy.

Nonbe Daigaku is a high-flying Japanese restaurant. Yosuke Suetsugu is a discreet and humble man; his art is in the subtlety, in the precise exercise and reproduced in the purity.

Here, one does not drape oneself in a flowery kimono to attend the gesticulating and twirling delirium of a cook with a bandaged forehead. 

Yosuke Suetsugu is a reference, having been a sushi master at Tagawa for 30 years, that sets the level and now that he works within its walls, he simply takes us to Tokyo for a meal. Everything is there: exceptionally fresh products, a concert of flavors, attentive service and proverbial kindness.

No bluster, just things done right: unstoppable sushi, exhilarating miso eggplant, impeccable tempura.

Those who are stuck on sushi and sashimi should come and try the black paw (chicken) sashimi fillet (still) served with egg yolk and soy sauce, the raw lobster served in its shell with a few shavings of gold leaf, mashed avocado and tiny crunchy ray roe, the flan with warm oysters, king crab and mushrooms flavored with orange or the squid intestines.