In those seasons where colors love to entice us.

The door of this house has never opened like the others. Not this door, not the one before, not those of the Carmelites, not those of the ephemeral, not any of the doors that Christophe Hardiquest has placed along his path. So many universes, so many horizons. As many men and women in the brigade, in the audience, as many humans behind the scenes. So many stars, a constellation of pluralities.

For over a year now, Christophe Hardiquest has opened another chapter within his walls, still at the edge of the Sonian Forest. The wood has arrived, here through a sky of branches, there through a counter with voluptuous curves; scouts of other elements, they call with their branches, they invite the garden, they summon the forest, they implore the earth. The sky and the sea are never far away, more complicit and faithful than us. The elements are always right.

More than ever, Christophe Hardiquest "writes his kitchen like a text, drawing from his memories, life, the world, books, encounters, travels, movements, revolts. He invents the story of a meal with his own words".

If Christophe Hardiquest's restaurant has found a new costume, its deep soul and that of its cuisine remain marked, in fire. And on that day, it only took one single bite to rediscover the essence of what makes the cuisine of the great Chef. The "bam" we are all looking for! Then, to experience this cuisine focused on major flavors, an exhilarating cuisine on one hand, sensitive on the other, readable and complex, but so free. We are beyond correctness, above, far above.

After each meal, only superlatives can be summoned. For many reasons, through so many seasons, he deserves them. If only for the joys that have come and are yet to come.