Living and reliving beautiful stories.

Flémalle, along the Meuse, near the quay, a discreet house with a clear facade, built with local stones. A faded wall reveals so little of what it hides. Once the wooden door is pushed and passed through, the lair reveals itself in harmonious refinement; light wood, of course, stone, soft fabrics, and then, to the left, the kitchen, wide open to the dining room.

Yesterday, a pampered guest table, Florence led her talent by transforming her place into a real restaurant, a haven for enlightened gourmets. Florence has quite a journey: Robuchon in three-star mode or Atelier mode in Las Vegas, in La Cadière d'Azur, and especially - and so much - alongside the one she considers her mentor: Edgard Bovier at Lausanne Palace. So many starred establishments where she took and learned, from the humblest gesture to major positions. Back on her native Mosan lands, she installed her stove in her grandfather's old medical office, and where her grandfather cared for bodies, the granddaughter now takes care of the souls of her beautiful cuisine.

Chez Flo's, it's entering a 'House.' It's accepting to receive a cuisine that offers a clear purity in its presentations, a readable simplicity that reveals contrasts, takes the product towards taste, and meets a definition of cuisine adorned with sincerity.

Florence's absolute accomplice is Pauline. Better than a right arm, one senses the evidence of complicity between the two young women in the dance of service; the movements and glances, the comings and goings of one and then the other in the room to reach the absolute pleasure of the customer.

All seasons are beautiful Chez Flo's, the menus are experienced in two, three, and four courses, and you do as you feel. And in many visits, as many beautiful gourmet flights supported by fine and deep juices, as many moments where the dish exceeds the title on the menu, as many moments of grace where minds fall silent in complicit glances and senses awakened. On that day; there was the Red Tuna Carpaccio, cauliflower, lemon, Roasted Saint-Jacques, celery cream, hazelnut butter emulsion, the Venison Fillet, beets, mustard seeds, and Robuchon-style puree, and the Creamy Dark Chocolate, cocoa sorbet, and candied oranges.

Chez Flo's, there is also the sublime habit of the "dish of the day"; to step out of the menu and push the adventure towards another treat; here a beautiful rib steak with peppercorn sauce, there an American with fries, punctuated if you want with a beautiful Dame Blanche, a Lemon Vodka Sorbet, or magnificent flambéed Crêpes Suzette prepared in the dining room by Pauline.

There are stories to live and relive, and it's so good.