Bravo to Pierre Massin. Hats off to him for daring. To dare to undertake, to dare to move the lines, by extirpating himself from the routine of a place where the trick was done for some time already. And to have the courage to go and see elsewhere if he is there. To be free. Because that is what we are talking about. 

It is five minutes from the center of Gembloux that Pierre Massin and his team have found a new breath, another path. 

Pierre is within his new walls. Walls designed in a masterly contemporary building, embracing nature and space. A luminous setting for a restaurant dining room that dares to have a radical and peaceful atmosphere; uncluttered, it rings with the woody tones of the framework, the smooth brutality of the concrete and the softness of the high fabric drapes. 

How to perceive the waves of a new space and approach the altruistic cuisine of the new Chai Gourmand?

The plate has not affected its weave, the new decor has not upset the culinary approach, one feels the Man happy and the Chef at ease; he does not upset things, he refines them, he improves them, he affirms them. 

Faced with his monkfish medallion, served with a velouté of fava beans, fennel, mussels and pancetta, one is at first forbidden. The plot is only unraveled in the mouth, the taste buds take care of the interpretation. The obviousness within a simple dish and an exceptional product magnified by relevant complements. Bite after bite, the existence of a biotope reconstituted from the kitchens of a hinterland far from the sea is revealed. What is true with this starter was also true with the rest of the dishes offered. This integrated, environmental cuisine (with a nod to the snails of nearby Ourchet) - with a tonic accent on the mental. 

A cuisine pleasantly served by a young team that offers a service full of uncomplicated kindness, sincere benevolence and without futile manners.  

The cellar, where the sommelier Laurent Lebrun accompanies the chef´s creations as close as possible to his detours, is coherent, cheerful, constantly evolving and in phase with the times.