An address of public utility. It is the kind of table that one does not forget. Nestled in these funny and magnificent Marolles, it shines and shines like a jewel. Vincent Thomaes has long made his approach a law of taste and good. This man has understood a lot about the genre, he pokes fun at its codes and rules, titillates its rigidities, like a kitten would a ball of yarn. He has left aside the stiffness and the fussiness to better concentrate on what he likes to do. And the first commandment of his art of looking at food could be stated as follows: "Make your den reflect your art of living".

When he arrived in the Marolles, Vincent Thomaes took over a 17th century house that is at one with his passion for painting and art. Two floors, a cellar - an intimate atmosphere that he has expanded with a delicatessen - that he has taken care to wrap in a finely china decor, a space between light and shadow, the perfect setting to sublimate the sharp harmonies of this great Master of Wines and Alex Van Kalck's gourmet, impeccable and good-natured dishes. A cuisine built around fresh, generous, market-fresh dishes with broad tastes. With his ultimate experience, Vincent Thomaes handles the dowser's wand like no one else and brings home the best of the land, with a desire to draw from the sources of the Pays des Collines, the beautiful and nourishing land of his birth that is dear to his heart.

In his Wine Bar in Les Marolles, the man feels like a fish in water - with the added bonus of freedom of speech. What about the wine? We feel like talking about an "author's card" when faced with the selection made, between classics at low prices and nuggets in a scouting way, not to mention the killers drawn like a rabbit from a magician's hat.

More than a moment at the table, the Wine Bar des Marolles is a encounter.