A fresh pasta laboratory, a grocery store and a restaurant, Socio-pâtes cheerfully plays with its different identities, a place to be understood, before letting yourself be taken by the hand and live it to the fullest.

Nestled in the small street of Montigny, in the heart of Charleroi, the address is a little nugget of simplicity and taste. The plate is managed by the excellent Steven Mirelli and perfectly executed by Jesse Scory, from Villa Castelli in Jamioulx, and Timothy Benazzi manages and animates the room as a perfect accomplice. The setting alone is a nice surprise. Once past the workshop and the counter, it's a cosy room that opens up to us and extends to a terrace, when the weather is nice.

The Socio-pâtes completely meets the specifications of the amateurs of good food by proposing with the liking of a short but anchored card of the Cisalpine soils. Whether you open the ball with squid stuffed with breadcrumbs and nduja or veal, lentils and squid ink, and continue with Tagliatelle al ragù lamb and garlic croutons, Penne swordfish and wild garlic, Gnocchi Sardini, crema di cime di rape, black garlic and veal. So many real and good pleasures that are punctuated by a selection of inspired bottles but also one or another snack carefully chosen by the two accomplices. The service is on the alert, concerned and precise; an excellent moment guaranteed.