The journey to the heart of the city.

Barely a foot set inside the restaurant, one understands, even before the first bites. Sao lives up to its promise to Thai cuisine in a flawless setting, with precise and smiling service, impeccable decor that captures various atmospheres, here more intimate, and there for larger gatherings.

Often, in some places, the setting alone suffices. A beautiful setting, and the audience is captivated. Here at Sao, it's also and above all at the table that points are scored. Through the quality of its cocktails, to start off well, like a window, a takeoff. And then, to land almost lovingly in the menu of chef Sao Bankrathok and choose as starters the magnificent Tod man pla (those fish cakes with red curry, adorned with Thai herbs and "sweet" cucumber sauce), the Kwio krob (fried dumplings stuffed with pork, peanuts, and honey sauce) and as main courses the Khung plameuk pad katiem (wok-fried prawns and squid highlighted with garlic sauce) and of course the "discovery" plate with 4 curries. Special mentions for the lovely permanent suggestions and, of course, the Friday lunch soup cart, a bowl to compose according to one's desire with three types of noodles accompanied by sliced beef, chicken, marinated pork, or fish balls and vegetables.

The place lives strongly and well, animated as it is by a pleasure that imposes itself not only on the plate; it also reads on faces, whether experienced at the edge of the open kitchen, in the other atmospheres of the room, or on the terrace in good weather.

If the essential criterion of a restaurant is the desire to return, Sao has passed the exam with flying colors. Addiction guaranteed.