The travel into the heart of the city.

As soon as you step into the restaurant, you understand, even before you receive the first dishes. Open during confined times, Sao Thaï Cuisine keeps its promise towards Thai cuisine in a smooth way, with a precise and smiling service - assured by Beer, Sao's son, an unstoppable decoration that collects the ambiences, here more intimate, and there for larger tables.

Very often, in some places of the district, the only frame is enough. A beautiful decoration and it is packed, for an audience that exists.

Here, it is also and especially at the table that the Sao Thaï Cuisine scores points. By the quality of its cocktails, to start well by opening the magic. And then, to dive almost lovingly into the menu of the chef Sao Bankrathok and choose as starters, the magnificent Tod man pla (these fish fritters with red curry, set with Thai herbs and "sweet" cucumber sauce), Kwio krob (fried ravioli stuffed with peanut pork and honey sauce) and Khung plameuk pad katiem (wok fried shrimps and squids with garlic sauce) and of course the "discovery" plate with 4 curries. Special mention also for the Friday lunch soup cart, to be composed according to the desire in three types of noodles accompanied by minced beef, chicken, marinated pork, or fish and vegetable balls.

The place is alive and well, animated, and the pleasure is not only in the plate, but also on the faces, whether it is experienced at the edge of the open kitchen, in the atmosphere of the room or on the terrace by beautiful days. If the essential criterion of a restaurant is the desire to return, the Sao has passed the test with flying colors.