The legend of Italy.

In the shadow of the Koekelberg Basilica, the Spinelli family keeps the legend alive every day by writing the most beautiful pages of gourmet Italy.

When Antonio Spinelli and his wife opened the San Daniele in 1983, it was still just a small family restaurant. Today, it is one of the greatest Italian restaurants in the country; in our eyes, a monument.

More than anywhere else, the values of the Famiglia are sublimated here by the transmission and legacy that the late Antonio Spinelli recently left to his sons Stefano and Franco. History and adventure continue and, under the benevolent eye of his mother who is always present at the reception, Franco's kitchen offers a cuisine that is all about precision, between feeling and energy, between finesse and precision, like the mythical Vitello tonnato and the Tajarin with black truffle from Norcia. These two dishes are only a short example of what San Daniele cuisine is all about: an anthology of exceptional products placed at the unique and total service of great transalpine gastronomy in the respect of its traditions.

This high level symphony is punctuated by a high level of service. The dining room is Stefano's domain, continuing the great work of his late father, he offers his mastery of cutting in the dining room to set the plates and bring Stefano's dishes to the ultimate dimension. A sommelier of excellence, he is the one who reigns over a very large menu of Italian wines.

This is the place to go for entertaining and to experience a dated and exhilarating gastronomy. Sentimental and deeply authentic, it leaves us simply happy.