It's a good news, some men still have audacity. This is the case of Julien Malaisse. He had to dare to leave the soft hum of success of his table in the center of Vedrin, to cross the road and take refuge in this magnificent stone building. To move, to move, to go and see if you are there. But we're talking about much more than just putting down his suitcases and knives in new walls. Julien Malaisse has rethought everything, as if he wanted to find a new breath, a new impetus, to explore another path. This one is made of serenity, of quietude too. A magnificent dining room with a sober and luminous color scheme, almost embracing the large open kitchen. It is also the one of a pretty terrace, of a living room that invites to start the meal elegantly or to close it. And soon, some pretty rooms.

By the way, Julien Malaisse's kitchen, if it has traveled a few hundred meters, it is to go further and also to come closer. By offering himself a new home, the young chef from Namur is looking to boost his approach in more ambitious preparations. As a free man he is, he also reinforces his wandering spirit, curious and sincere, he asserts himself and his will to get closer to his local producers.

That day, the stroll was lived with a Lobster tail steamed with salt, green asparagus, sesame mayonnaise, Peas in texture, potato ravigote, coppa, Rabbit with morels, prunes and yellow wine and to finish, the Bread & Breakfast, passion, puff pastry and smoothie.

The dining room, while now led by the excellence and expertise of Michel De Muynck, continues to ensure a friendly service and spontaneous attention. In this classy space, there is no fuss, no unnecessary hullabaloo, just the beginning of a story in a new place, which rewrites an already well-marked storyline with a modern touch.