Nestled in the heart of the pedestrian area of Nivelles, Maurice le Limonadier serves as a refuge for fine people and lovers of fine bottles. Conceived by Gaëtan Poels and Amine Mechmech, the 'maestro' duo of Divino Gusto, a beautiful gastronomy house located a few steps away, Maurice le Limonadier is a culinary version that we love, with dishes, whether or not they are shared, that please, aim and reassure.

The few square meters that house Maurice do not prevent anything: neither to eat well, nor to drink truly and even less to share it all.

One could label the place with different identities, between the wine bar, the snack plates, the pocket restaurant and the bistro that sends, we will rather greet the precise approach and the mastery, whether it is solid or liquid. 

The place is cosy, like a kind of pretty boudoir in the middle of which the warmth of wood and velvet outweighs the icy design of the addresses that make a spectacle of themselves. This space, between light and shade, is the perfect setting for the tasty and masterful harmonies of a chef and the enlightened vision of a great sommelier.

In the kitchen, Amine Mechmech is on the move. Each dish is worked on like these pretty shrimp croquettes, this sea bass and oyster tartar, orange-carrot gel, this Toast with mushrooms and 63° egg, these Pacherri with lobster and parmesan emulsion. There are also other sure values such as the guinea fowl grandmother's way, the fish, served on potato risotto, leek fondue, fresh herb juice or the sweetbreads, mushrooms, apples An.

And then there are the wines. Wines chosen and elected by a real sommelier. The cellar never sleeps and the approach of Gaetan Poels is clear, we spotted among others the white Ô de Craie Vin de Liège, the Chenin Nature of Mosse, the White Spirit of Domaine Réveille or Domaine de Cristia, the Lunar Apogée Bleue or the Libero 2018 of the friend Morandini at the domain Fuori Mondo for reds. 

So many guarantees to spend a real good time.