Good times are never a coincidence.

The address is certainly discreet, as it is nestled on the towpath on the banks of the Meuse, but it is oh so busy. This is how to sum up in two words the continuous success of the Terrasses de l'Ecluse for three years now. The success of a superb contemporary brewery that quickly found its public despite a discreet or even invisible location from the road. We could have described it as confidential and exclusive, but we didn't have the time. As with all locks, as soon as the gates were opened, the level rose.

In the kitchen, if the dynamic youth of Jonas Tasseroul gave rhythm to the first waves, he has now successfully taken over the stoves of the little sister of the Terrasses de l'Ecluse: the Terrasses du Prince in Gembloux. Today, it is the subtle creativity and the well-honed experience of Olivier Bellaches who signs a varied menu, evolving according to the seasons. Olivier Bellaches is a real good cook, his mastery can be seen every day in his daily gourmet flights of fancy or in the novelties such as the freshly cooked fish and tartare, the tasty and precise suggestions or the aperitif boards based on a variety of local products: butter, vegetables and meats come from a radius of only a few kilometers for the most part. 

As true epicureans, Jean-François Beguin and Olivier Libois imagined the place "as for them": the beautiful contemporary setting, the attentive service, a beautiful wine list, and the original cocktails immediately gave the place a rhythm and an atmosphere that changed from the ordinary days we were used to seeing in the region. 

After blowing out its third candle, the restaurant on the banks of the Meuse, only confirms its place as a flagship on the Namur square. Much more than a brasserie, or a terrace, it is a real experience to live here, with family or friends.