Secluded and discreet neighborhoods sometimes harbor gems, and you have to leave the crowded intersections of less likely signs and the unwelcoming expressways to meet these nuggets. The Tribeca in Gerpinnes is in this class. And not just in any way.

Under the guise of a chic brasserie, words that take on their full meaning here, so much so that this benevolent address envelops the guest, looks after him and spoils him. Christiane Tienpont-Fauville's approach is reminiscent of those family dinners where a protective figure gently takes care of your well-being.

Echoing this maximum benevolence, the cuisine of Lucas Vanderschueren, a young chef with a well-developed hand, pushes the cursor to the same place. He adds a pictorial dimension to his dishes, to the conviviality and generosity that he repeats on a daily basis. Punctuated with touches of color, his dishes are like paintings. Witness this Carpaccio of Bresaola, ricotta, smoked almonds and marinated zucchini, this crazy salad of lobster, green beans, foie gras, lamb's lettuce, rhubarb and citrus vinaigrette, these white asparagus from Mechelen, perfect egg, shrimp, champagne mousseline, all of which are great appetizers and great reasons to visit. The dishes of the house are true classics such as the house roasted lobster, the sea bass with coarse salt, the navarin of lamb or the sweetbreads Tribeca style.

As a reference of the place, the maitre d' Dimitri De Bodt. A mythical figure in the Charleroi gourmand scene, the man belongs to the legends of room service, those who nurture the smallest gesture with class and (re)ensure the whole thing with a skilful casualness. At Tribeca, this show is permanent, through the unavoidable "Dimitri's American", prepared in the dining room by the Master himself.

The décor is bathed in the charm of a certain era, making the house a real haven of luxury. In her restaurant, named after the famous New York district in echo to a child of her heart and as a sign of her continuous caress, Christiane Tienpont-Fauville has created a different and silky universe. A gourmet theater that is punctuated by the magnificent garden terrace, open to a bewitching view of the greenery and woods.