With the bonhomie of the name in mind, one would not bet on anything else than a nice restaurant playing the card of unbridled greediness by pushing the door of Rossini. The copy is to be revised because it is now necessary to count with this personal address far from the basic cliché. All in length, the place opens behind one of these narrow facades of this great artery extending the place De Brouckère. One penetrates in this broad corridor by walking, literally as well as figuratively in the depth.

We are in the home of a true restaurateur, in the noble sense of the term, Bogdan Streinu is a man who knows how to welcome and take care of his guests, it is with his heart and hands wide open that he sets the first moments experienced in his home.

From the first taste, we feel that something is happening, like a kind of invitation to the palate. The first dish is the Terre & Mer, Holstein beef tartar, shellfish and Sevruga caviar with Bloody Mary sauce. The mouth is stimulated, eager to taste more. It is not disappointed when it discovers the version of the moment of the Homemade North Sea shrimp croquette, a delight of finesse and greed.

As for the dish, it is the signature of the house and pushes the cursor of good taste a notch further: Tournedos Rossini, beef filet, pan-fried foie gras, fresh seasonal truffle sauce. The cooking is just as perfect as the accompaniment, the whole perfectly juicy.

The word "cuisine" takes on its full meaning here. An absolute salute to Bogdan Streinu and his chef accomplice, Victor Mititiuc.

In the heart of the dining room, a transparent cellar - let us be reassured, the selection of bottles is not - adds its stone to the edifice of this den of Taste.