Leaving the Ardennes road to take the path to Nassogne, life takes a gentle turn. Dressed in a second with other colors, the countryside makes us loosen our jaws, breathing becomes slower, the waves change, invaded as we are by a soft and sublime rurality. And to come there, to return there, to pass there and to pass again there without this feeling to stretch; more than an environment, we are here in a landscape.

In Nassogne, at the Beau Séjour, time also passes and does its work and the beautiful house of Nicolas and Emmanuelle Alberty remains faithful to its initial framework. While others try, flambé, believe in it and drown in it, and fall back like a poor soufflé; so little able as they are to maintain the bases, to hold the rhythm of the seasons, powerless as they are in front of the life of the restaurants. Time is not everything, but it is often a wise and unstoppable arbiter.

Nicolas and Emmanuelle Alberty are more than just hoteliers, they are among those who give this profession its letters of nobility.

Their house is made of plenitude, of delights too. The comfort of a good twenty rooms refuses the showiness, with tones with soft and pleasant lights, a dining room with a soothing light, a cozy living room vibrating with the sound of fire, a timeless garden, the place lives in peace.

The kitchen, on the other hand, expresses itself to the sound of sharing born of the complicity between Nicolas Alberty and his chefs, Thomas Herman and François Vincent. It is by nourishing their complicity and by relying on these beautiful chemistry that they give us a cuisine that has only beautiful accounts to give. Just like the hotel mastery, the plate also reveals a know-how by an absolute rule of beautiful products and taste, it takes everyone away. As with this Brined suckling pig, polenta with olives, Saint-Monon beer sauce with honey, just magnificent, just magnificent.

Today, it's the Lobster Raviole, tomato confit and herb foam, the Supreme of quail roasted on the skin, fresh salad, cromesquis of foie gras, orange and honey-ginger sauce, the Lobster roasted in butter, fresh garden herbs, crushed potatoes with fleur de sel and vegetables, or the Sea bass filet, artichoke ravioli, seasonal vegetables and butter broth or the Pure prairie pork filet, garden tomatoes, spinach and savory juice.

More than a guarantee of an exquisite moment, the Beau Séjour nourishes a feeling of well-being.