Between strength and delicacy

For seven years now, La Table de Mus has been a landmark for the capital's fine dining scene. Sweeping aside the complacent people who harp on the ambient gloom, the problems of mobility and others, the days of Mustafa Duran, alias Mus, are made of warmth and optimism. Exalted by the complicity of his faithful leader and friend Khaled Bouhamidi at the piano, they are adorned with the costume of these noble friendships, those that the years have built and cemented; these boys make that this place has the wind in its sails. And the smile on their lips.

A stone's throw from the heart of the capital, on the Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés and opposite the Jacques Brel Foundation, needless to say, we know Brussels. And for good reason, Mus has evolved in beautiful Brussels houses such as Roland Debuyst and Michel D or to install a real soul in his service to make the Jaloa evolve to the star at the time. And the same goes for his chef Khaled Bouhamidi, a passionate, gifted and wise self-taught man, trained in a house where Mus worked, they grew up together, never to leave him. Together, as willing victims of what the market of the day offers, they compose their plates around the beautiful French gastronomy; without forgetting to mix it here and there with more original or even oriental notes in order to subtly evoke their origins. The whole repertoire thus elaborated is declined in several menus with the choice proposing, revealing the beautiful products. Juggling here with points of modernity or, on the contrary, madeleines of Proust worked as it should be. To accompany the whole, Mus has in heart to unearth wine nuggets which will ally quality-price ratio and originality. All of this in a cellar book that also includes, of course, the great and beautiful classic labels that hit the spot when you want to celebrate an event or, quite simply, treat yourself.

You'll also have fun when you sit down in the friendly but elegant and refined dining room or in the intimate cellar where up to six people can be seated.

Mus remains an optimist. And that's probably what makes him smile, which his customers love so much. It's up to you to see for yourself. And to be part of those who talk about the center of Brussels in a positive and pleasant way. An attractiveness that has also convinced Emre Duran, Mustafa's son, to work and learn alongside his father in the dining room, to the great pleasure of the customers who have been accustomed to meeting him for several years. Yet another reason to smile.