An exceptional place and its multiple horizons.

A stone's throw from Huy stands the Domaine de Naxhelet, where discretion is dressed in authentic nobility. A hotel, a wellness center and a magnificent restaurant are built around a renowned golf course. The setting is dazzling, nestled in the heart of a vast and abundant nature, the Cuisine du Naxhelet stands and reveals itself as the gourmet heart of the place.

In line with the Jolly family's sustainable approach, the restaurant's local footprint is profound and gives pride of place to home-grown products, as evidenced by the bread and vegetables produced on site. It is pleasant to feel the real will to marry the requirement of luxury with a real ecological ambition. 

The plates proposed by Chef Jacques Demany combine and affirm this anchorage with touches of originality, by posing the gastronomic moment without ever going unnecessarily towards the confusing by confining itself to the already too seen, as testified that day, the Saint-Jacques accompanied by Serrano and especially by coffee foam, in a great gourmet harmony.

On the wine side, the excellent Alexandre Bemelmans, a long-time sommelier in the Principality, offered all his knowledge in his characteristic elegance and sincere benevolence to propose the best possible matches of true delicacy. This, once again, without forgetting the more local touches, since we find with pleasure the Chant d'Éole, while waiting for the wine of the family domain in the coming years.

It goes without saying that a visit to this beautiful address is a relaxing gourmet experience, which for the duration of a meal or a stay will take you on a journey to another place, far, far away from the daily hustle and bustle.