Le Bagù, with just a year of existence, immediately manages to give the feeling as if it has been there forever. A bit like a piece of music that has become a standard before it even hits the airwaves. This is probably due to a great accuracy.

First and foremost, accuracy of the setting. A bright setting, dressed in warm or colorful hues, carefully chosen furniture; here a kitchen with wood, there with stone, and an open kitchen. This is absolutely the antidote for gloomy days and a bad mood. And then, accuracy and honesty of the approach, that of Steven Mirelli and Sophie Dubois, who have placed their Bagù under the sign of good taste. Their arrival in Thuin should be seen as the determined will to get closer to their roots.

Accuracy of the products as well, sourced from the noblest terroirs, whether they are liquid or solid. Today, roasted marrowbone, scallops, saffron, avruga, and bergamot, shrimp croquette, bisque, and Piemontese salsa verde, veal, pumpkin and chestnut textures, pigeon, carrots, tuberous chervil, chanterelles, and black Belgian truffle, and pear and chocolate tiramisu to conclude the meal. Well done!

These fine products are served with gusto and precision, like true soul lubricants, preventing any false notes in the bistro-culinary experience. Steven Mirelli, a skilled chef, has chosen to broaden his horizons with other products but doesn't forget his Italian roots and accents his plates here and there with little Italian gems.

Beautiful liquid harmonies enrich the experience, such as the Arboussas from the Coston estate, a fine grenache syrah - whose plot is adjacent to the legendary Grange des Pères, the Viñitago Vijariego, a white wine from the Canary Islands, well-born of native grape varieties, or this Nemesis Flor, an orange wine made in Piemonte and developed like an oxidative Jura wine.

In harmony with all this, we also highlight Sophie's hospitality. Discreet and efficient, she fulfills her role with sobriety, like those precious graces one doesn't hear but certainly feels.